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Bree [userpic]
[Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time][Link][12. Injury]
by Bree (raven_goth)
at November 13th, 2007 (06:48 pm)

Title: While you were Sleeping
Author: raven_goth
Fandom: OoT
Pairing: Link/Sheik
Rating: G
Word Count: 357
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda belongs to the almighty Nintendo and not me (sadly)

I’ve been watching you from the very moment that you woke up. I’m not truly sure why. Not just because you are the hero of time and it is my duty to make sure you don’t get your self killed or do anything stupid. No, it’s more then that. How I watch you goes beyond duty. There is a part of me deep inside that can’t keep my eyes off of you and thinks about you every minute of every day. I do not truly understand these feeling that I have. This part of me just can’t bear to see you in pain.

When I saw you fall from that cliff, covered in burn marks, bruises, and blood, I couldn’t stop myself from screaming out your name.

I watch you in your unconscious state; chest rising and falling at steady rate, body limp, face set in a peaceful expression. You look so serine. So beautiful. I don’t know why I think these thoughts about you but I do. And it causes me pain for I cannot express these feelings to you for it would be crossing the line I drew for myself.

You stir in your sleep; a slight moan escaping your lips and a pained expression dawns on your face. I walk over to you and try to lull you back into sweet dreams but it doesn’t seem to help. You look so lost and confused I just can’t help myself.
I lower my face close to yours and after slight hesitation, lock my lips with yours. It’s the part of me deep down inside that made me do this. Or maybe it wasn’t.
I’m not sure how long it lasted but it seemed long enough for you to start to regain consciousness. I quickly break off the kiss and dart back to were I was sitting before and start to play my harp.

I say that I started playing it so that you would have something pleasant to wake up to. But the real reason was to distract myself from the blush that had formed on my cheeks. Because I felt you kiss me back.

***Notes: Ok, so most of this is based off the OoT manga and how they made it so that Link got hurt before fighting Vulvaga (big ass dragon in Goron mines) and had Sheik save him. They also had Sheik not be truly aware that he/she was Zelda.
As for Sheiks gender, I really don't know xD Take it which ever way you want to.