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20 First Kisses

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Hello, and welcome to 20_firstkisses, a fanfiction challenge community much like fanfic100 or 30_kisses. It's low-pressure and friendly and all fandoms are invited. Yaoi, Yuri and Het are welcomed and encouraged.

(Neither homophobia nor heterophobia will be tolerated!)

Writers are encouraged to claim either a couple, series or character and write 20 first kiss scenarios from each of twenty themes.


1. All pairings are welcome and all types of fandoms are welcome.

2. You may claim a character, pairing, or an entire series to work with.

3. You may have two claims at one time. Only one person can claim something at a time, however, if somebody has a pairing and you want a character from that pairing, you can still claim the character.

4. Feel free to do the themes in any order you want.

5. When posting, make sure to include fandom, what you've claimed, and theme in the header like this.
[Fandom][Claim][Theme (number and description)]

6. In the post itself, please provide this short info note:

Word Count:

7. Here are the themes:

01. Ice Cream 02. Chocolate 03. Whipped Cream 04. Coffee/Tea
05. Moon 06. Sun 07. Fire 08. Lamplight
09. Winternight 10. Window 11. Secret Message/Love note 12. Injury
13. Movie 14. Gift/present 15. Morning 16. Purple-painted Chevrolet
17. Flower 18. Lace 19. Books 20. Jealousy

HTML code for the table can be found here.

Now that you know the rules and themes, you're ready to sign up for your claim.

First, go here to make sure your claim has not already been taken by somebody else.

Then, go to this post to stake your claim.

Once you've been accepted, feel free to start writing.

If you are finished with a claim or would like to drop it, please comment here.